Seiki America is an American company based in Portland, Or., that represents Seiki Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan, buying aluminum scrap for their consumption. Seiki Co., Ltd. recycles the aluminum scrap into aluminum deox that is sold to steel mills throughout Japan. Aluminum deox is produced at Seiki's two smelters in Nagoya and Oita Prefectures.

As you look through our website you will notice the reflection of our business philosophy; Customers for Life. We do business not only with companies, but with the people of the companies. Many of our customers that we have dealt with for more than 30 years have become our friends. We not only know their companies but we also know their families. We are not looking for the next container of scrap aluminum or the next deal, Seiki wants long-term relationships that will endure through good times and bad markets. We value our customers and are proud to display them on our website.

Seiki America has been doing business with traders and scrap yards throughout the world seeking the best possible aluminum feedstock for our furnaces for the past 20 years. Our size and experience offers both stabilty and flexibilty in dealing with our customers.

In addition to the regular grades of scrap aluminum that most secondary smelters buy, like Taint/Tabor, and Tough/Taboo, we are looking for the odd-ball and out of specification scrap aluminum that is sometimes hard to sell. Mixed aluminum turnings, Telic, that has been briquetted is a regular feedstock for our furnaces. We regularly buy TOUGH/TABOO W/7000 Series Alloys, MIXED 7000 Series Alloy Scrap, some scrap with MINOR IRON CONTAMINATION, and HIGH IRON and/or HIGH ZINC CONTENT RSI. You can contact me at:
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